Sales of TCP by NRs & Recent CRA Rulings of Interest | May 2013

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Please join David M. Piccolo and Vitaly Timokhov for our next installment:

In this webinar, David and Vitaly will discuss:

• Sales of Taxable Canadian Property by Non-Residents
• Review of Recent CRA Rulings of Interest

David presents on the sale of taxable Canadian property by non-residents, section 116, reporting requirements, CRA clearance certificates, how the CRA calculates a capital gain for section 116 purposes, what sort of property is excluded, the requirements to notify the Minister of National Revenue, purchaser liability, what the requirements are with regards to treaty-protected property, and how gifts are treated.

Vitaly Timokhov presents on the use of joint spousal trusts, how to approach salary from professional corporations, GAAR, attributions to non-beneficiaries, pension income, RRSP income, RRIFs, when a company has an active business as opposed to a specified investment business.