Budget, Small Business, CCPCs & Notices of Objection | March 2016

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Please join Vitaly Timokhov & David Piccolo for our next installment:

In this webinar, Vitaly & David will discuss:

• 2016 Federal Budget
• Small Businesses & CCPC Structures
• Points to consider when filing a Notice of Objection with the CRA

The presentation focuses on changes arising from the 2016 Federal Budget, which will affect small businesses and CCPC structures. Specifically, the small business tax, measures to prevent the multiplication of the SBD, eligible capital property rules, debt parking, distributions of life insurance proceeds, and how to leverage the business limit and other tax attributes.

The second part of the presentation focuses on the filing of Notices of Objection, how the sending of assessments by the CRA ought to be understood, and on whom the burden rests when assessments are sent but not received.