Established in 2011, TaxChambers LLP has a well-earned reputation for being the law firm businesses turn to when they need strategic, business-critical tax advice. Our award-winning lawyers are recognized experts who teach at Canadian law schools and have authored numerous books as well as articles that have appeared in legal and industry journals and publications.TaxChambers LLP Top 10 Tax Law Boutique Badge

Located in downtown Toronto, the heart of the country’s financial centre, TaxChambers LLP is committed to providing our clients – both corporations and individuals, as well as their professional advisors – with timely, expert guidance on a broad range of tax-related matters, including:

TaxChambers LLP services Icon   Corporate and business taxation

  Commodity tax (GST/HST)

  Cross-border and international taxation

  Taxpayer representation and tax litigation

TaxChambers LLP Cross-border and International Tax services icon   U.S. tax services

  Personal tax and estate planning

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